OVERLAND PLUS - Days of compromise are over!

Jeep Wrangler JL Lift Kit
Jeep Wrangler JL control arm kit
JL front lower control arm

Our new OVERLAND Plus Jeep Wrangler JK and JL lift kits are ready. Ready to take your Jeep to the next level, without sacrificing on road comfort, while offering the off road strength and reliability Clayton Off Road is known for. 


Overland Plus is our new series of control arms. These control arms feature GIIRO joints at both ends and there key features are :


Introducing GIIRO, with it structured anatomy and superior isolator technology, GIIRO has bridged the void between rubber and flex joints for the ultimate touring bushing.

Hundreds of hours of development, combined with thousands of hours of testing have lead to this superior solution for the frustrated off road enthusiast community. Introducing the ultimate off-road touring joint featuring the highly advanced
multi compound GIIRO bushing.

GIIRO is a free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushing. Its structured anatomy matched with superior material formulation allows two distant worlds to meet as one, providing the desirable comfort for daily driving and easily transitioning to meet the extreme limits on rugged off-road terrain.

With GIIRO, the days of compromise are over!

All Clayton control arms will feature the GIIRO joint bushing. Premium and Long arm kits will use them at one end, combined with a forged Johnny Joint. Johnny joints are greaseable, rebuildable, and have the ability to absorb misalignment so these are ideal in abusive and or long arm applications. GIIRO joints at both ends in our OVERLAND PLUS lift kits are ideal in short and mid-arm applications where the arms are in-line. At ride height the arms are neutral, but when offroad, each joint has up to 26.6 degrees of misalignment. 

The outside part of the bushing is softer, to isolate road noise and vibrations and allow the bushing to articulate. It has 13.3 degree of movement in each direction, or 26.6 degrees combined per bushing. Since we use these bushing at both ends, you have over 50 degrees of unrestricted movement. The inside area of the bushing is harder and Teflon infused to act as a bearing surface for the center pin which is free to twist as the suspension moves up and down. Combined with our heavy duty tubing, premium tube insert, welded housing and a forged adjuster, you have the Ultimate control arms available.

And with our LIFETIME warranty, these are the best and last set of control arms you will need.



What People Are Saying

I have had Clayton's 6 inch kit in my WJ for about 4 years now, and let me say it has been put to it's test. Great kit, great craftsmanship, and nothing better then supporting a local shop! Would recommend it to everyone! It's a large initial investment but it's going to save you money and time in the end. Well worth the money!! Great work guys!

Jon G

Just got my 6.5" Clayton long arm kit installed. I have own tons of different brands of kits. COR is by far the best riding! For being a weld on kit installation was trouble free. Keep up the great work COR!

John S
I put Clayton's 3.5" long arm on my Rubi straight after arrival from the factory. After talking with them at Topless forTaTa's 2014, I was left very impressed with their attitude, business ethic, and product. Now, 22K miles later and several trips to Rausch Creek, I can't say enough how amazing this lift is off road AND ESPECIALLY on road. On top of it all, their customer service has been the best quality too. Keep it up Clayton; you guys are awesome!!
Peter V

It's no lie, put the Clayton 3.5 lift on my 2014 JKU, and it rides nicer than stock! Great products even better customer service. Highly recommend.

Vincent C

I have Clayton's long arm kit on my 2003 WJ Overland, and all I can say is wow! Good ride, super flexy offroad, and tougher than any other kit I've seen, regardless of type of vehicle. Clayton is always the first brand I recommend to anyone with a Jeep looking for top quality parts. Keep up the great work!

Rusty G

I just finished the install of the 6" Clayton Premium kit on my WJ. My god the quality is unbelievable. I totally understand why everyone was saying go with Clayton! It rides better than stock!

Dennis M

Great company! Best jeep products I have ever bought! Customer service is amazing, extremely fast shipping and the actual parts amazing! You highly recommend your products to any jeep builder!!!!!!

Wesley U

Friendly customer support. Ordered their adj.track-bar and drop mount. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail! Can't wait till I get their long arm upgrade kit for my '91 2-door XJ with 6+ inches of lift and 35s! **customer for life**

Jeff O

Awesome customer service, awesome products and awesome service. Can't go wrong with Clayton Offroad products!

Ricky K

The best suspension money can buy!

Chris K