Key Features Of Clayton Offroad Products


  • All of our suspensions come with the abuse-proof Limited Lifetime Warranty against bending or breaking of our control arms.

Powder Coating

  • We use a black peel finish powder coating on our control arms that have a 2000 hour salt spray rating. All powder coated arms are washed, baked, then powder coated again.
  • ¼ Mounting Brackets
  • All of our mounting brackets are made from ¼” steel to insure strength and durability.

Grade 8 Nut Inserts

  • We use a 1 ¼” Grade 8 high nut which is machined half way then pressed into our ¼ thick lower control arms. The upper arms use the same process with a 1 inch Grade 8 high nut.
  • Lower Control Arms - 2” Square ¼” Wall Tubing
  • We use this tubing on our lower control arms. The ends are CNC machined to allow greater weld penetration. Square is a much stronger shape structurally then round which also provides a nice flat surface for sliding on and is less prone to denting

Clevite Rubber Bushings

  • We press these mechanically bonded bushings into a heavy-duty 2 ¾” O.D. housing and use them on the axle side of our lower control arms. They provide better road noise and vibration isolation vs. any poly bushing or even the Currie Johnny Joints. The advantages of using poly joints in a suspension is simply cost savings. They are much cheaper to produce, easer to assemble and do not require a machined housing to be pressed into, thus saving money.

Johnny Joints

  • Hands down these are the most reliable articulating joints on the market and provide years of service with minor maintenance. Service parts are readily available, fairly inexpensive, about $8 per joint and only require a set of snap ring pliers and a vice to change. The advantages of a Johnny joint vs. a heim joint are in its actual design. A heim joint has a metal outer race, usually some sort of Teflon coating, and then a metal spherical center ball. First problem is when a heim joint wears out, you have to replace the entire heim joint which is much more costly then simply rebuilding the joint at $8 a piece. Second problem is that heim joints don’t come with any grease fittings. They rely on that Teflon coating, and once that wears out and starts to squeak, there is not much you can do. A Johnny joint comes with a grease fitting, which allows you to grease the joint eliminating any squeaks or noises. And most importantly a heim joint doesn’t absorb any impact. It is metal on metal, so any bump in the road, or bolder field offroad, you are going to feel more of the impact. A johnny joint is similar however that metal spherical ball is encased in a high density "tough 88" urethane that allows for some give.

Trussed rear 4-Link

  • This system eliminates the rear trackbar. A truss welds on over the rear differential. Two upper control arms are triangulated to keep the axle centered under the vehicle and also provide pinion angle adjustments. The truss also strengthens your rear axle tubes making them less prone to bending.