Clayton Off Road Ride Right+ Suspension Systems

Ride Right+

October 27th 2020


 Now available for your Jeep Gladiator JT (20+), Wrangler JL (18+), and Wrangler JK (07-18)! Our Ride Right+ suspension systems may be our brand-new base-priced kits but make no mistake – these are not your average entry-level lift kit systems. The Ride Right+ system, designed with both function and value as top priorities, addresses the most critical parts of your vehicle’s suspension, allowing for proper suspension geometry to keep your vehicle driving smoothly and safely, with the added benefit of being able to run larger size wheels and tires at a more budget-friendly price point.

So, what’s included, and who are these kits designed for? Clayton Off Road's brand-new Ride Right+ suspension system is for anyone looking to fit a larger set of wheels and tires, maintain ride quality with proper suspension geometry, and that primarily plans on keeping the vehicle on the pavement – rather than on the trail.

Ride Right+, however, is designed to be fully upgradable to our complete Overland+ Suspension System should you wish to add on the remaining adjustable control arms and components in the future and turn your vehicle into the ultimate on-road and off-road machine!

Adjustable front and rear track bars are both included in the Ride Right+ kit since proper suspension geometry is even more critical for on-road driving than for off-road. Even just cruising down the highway puts a load of stress on your vehicle’s suspension. Without properly positioned axles, you’re practically begging for an uncomfortable driving experience. Clayton Off Road does not want this for you, and you shouldn’t want this problem for yourself. That’s why even when shopping for a budget-friendly lift kit option there are certain components that just shouldn’t be compromised.

When it comes to on-road driving performance, caster angle is one of the most crucial components to address as it directly affects your vehicle’s steering and handling. For this reason, adjustable front upper control arms are also included in the Ride Right+ suspension system. The distance from the center of the axle to the center of the upper control arms is greater than the center of the axle to the center of the lower control arms, which makes utilizing these front upper arms the most effective way to adjust your caster angle and address this critical piece of the suspension puzzle.

Adjustable sway bar links are also included since proper sway bar angles greatly affect your on-road ride and handling, which the factory rods would no longer be able to properly maintain with your vehicles newly added height.

And of course, brand-new coil springs front and rear are included in the kit as well, so you’ll be ready for those larger wheels and tires!

- Some parts and components may vary from kit to kit depending on the vehicle, so for an actual look at what exactly one of these kits might look like for your vehicle, be sure to follow one of the links below, as well as check out some of our other lift kit options and products available.