New Diesel Gladiator Coil Springs and Suspension Systems

New Diesel Gladiator Coil Springs and Suspension Systems

May 17, 2022


No More Bottoming Out!

Whether you're looking for a new set of coil springs to correct any bottoming out issues you're currently experiencing with your brand new Diesel Gladiator, or a full lift kit designed specifically with the extra weight of your vehicle in mind, we've got you covered! 

The diesel version of the Gladiator comes in at about 400 lbs heavier than its gas siblings, with all of the extra weight being located primarily in the front half of the vehicle. Clayton Off Road has addressed this problem by designing a brand new set of coil springs for the front of our JT lift kits that are specifically built to handle the heavy weight of your diesel engine while also offering the same smooth and comfortable driving experience as our non-diesel coils. 

We also have come up with a solution for customers looking to keep the stock height of their vehicle but want to correct any bottoming out issues they are currently experiencing with their stock coils. These coils provide a very minimal height increase, but their main function is firming up the front end just enough to prevent you from going into the bump stops with every bump in the road. These coils are not designed to lift the front end of the Gladiator, however, you may see about a .5" gain in height due to the higher spring rate of these coils. 

Diesel JT kits are available in either a 2.5" option which will net around 3" of lift total, or a 3.5" option which will net around 4" of lift total. As usual, we are removing about one inch of factory rake, so expect to gain slightly more lift in the front to accomplish this. As shown in the photo below, these kits give the vehicle a nice looking stance, with the rear sitting slightly taller than the front. 

Each one of our suspension systems (Premium, Overland Plus, and Ride Right) are now available in a diesel-specific offering, links will be provided below for each version.


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