New JL 1.5" Lift Kits

1.5" JL Lift Kits

February 25th 2022


The same great suspension systems, a little shorter!

Our brand new 1.5" kits are the perfect height for Rubicon owners looking to proportionately fit a set of 35" tires, or Sport/Sahara owners looking to fit 33's. These new kits are available in either one of our complete Premium or Overland Plus suspension systems, as well as our entry-level Ride Right kits. You can expect the same great ride quality and performance you've come to expect from our kits and products, just in a slightly shorter 1.5" package. Diesel specific kits are available as well, and all part numbers for each variation of these new kits will be listed below.

Rubicon models equipped with these new kits can expect to gain around 1.5 - 2" of height total, and as always 2-door models should expect to gain slightly more. 4xe models should expect to gain about the 1.5" advertised height due to the heavier weight of the vehicle.

No driveshaft modifications or extended brake lines are necessary, and 4.75" backspacing is recommended for proper clearance with larger tires. 

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For reference, the before and after photo above shows a 2021 JLU 4xe equipped with the 1.5" Overland Plus kit and 34" Nitto Recon Grappler tires. As you can tell from the roof line against the brick wall in the background, the lift removes about an inch or so of factory rake. The vehicle is still running factory rims, is equipped with the factory Rubicon-style wider-axles, and is experiencing no rubbing upon full wheel turn or articulation (Tire specs: LT275/65R20 (Diameter: 34.09 Width: 10.98)). 


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